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Stem Cell Pioneers! 2 years out,16 months out, 5 months out and 6 months out. Massive Hi 5 to Dr Burt and his team.




Kat was exposed to Depleted Uranium whilst serving in Iraq in 2003. Diagnosed in 2008, she is now fighting for her life, having developed systemic sclerosis. Meanwhile she has identified that stem cell transplant could save tens of thousands from suffering - and allow her to survive and campaign for its introduction into the UK.

Katrina's Future starts with a short term fundraising goal of £100,000 to enable her to receive the treatment in the US. It will continue in its aim to bring the medical advance into the UK - for civilians and serving individuals alike - working with Help for Heroes and The UK Stem Cell Foundation to do so.

Clearly if the short term goal is not achieved in time, then Katrina's Future is one without Katrina and, without her staggering drive and energy, a much reduced chance of accelerating this life saving treatment into the UK, with the result of prolonging suffering for so many people who could otherwise be helped.


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